Optonas – Optical Products, Coating Services

Optonas, specializes in providing high-quality optical products and coating services that meet the needs of their clients. When we set out to design a logo for Optonas, we wanted to create something that would visually represent their expertise and commitment to excellence. The Optonas logo features a lens that has been cut in half vertically and flipped upside down. This design was chosen for several reasons. Firstly, the lens is a fundamental element of Optonas business, and the visual representation of a lens helps to reinforce the idea that Optonas are experts in the field of optics. Secondly, the vertical cut in the lens represents the precision and attention to detail that Optonas brings to all of their work. Finally, flipping the lens upside down adds an element of uniqueness and creativity to the design, which sets us apart from competitors. Overall, we feel that the Optonas logo is a strong representation of company’s values and expertise.